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The Challenge

One of the most pressing challenges facing healthcare companies is finding qualified talent for today’s most critical jobs. Exacerbated by the economic fallout from the global pandemic, employers have more job vacancies than ever while simultaneously grappling with a debilitating talent shortage.

All of this, compounded by increased personnel costs from a COVID-fueled national wage market, has created the perfect workforce storm with swelling labor costs, decreasing productivity, missed economic opportunity, and the potential for a healthcare crisis.

The Solution

To address this, the CEOc has created the Center for Healthcare Workforce Innovation (CHeWI) a sustainable, strategic partnership between healthcare employers, higher education, workforce development and community partners to proactively recruit, train and retain the healthcare workforce of tomorrow. Spearheaded by the CEOc Workforce Innovation Committee, the CHeWI is harnessing the collective power of the 15 council member companies and developing equitable and innovative solutions focused on the following priorities: