Louisville Healthcare CEO Council News Roundup

LHCC News Roundup

I hope this letter finds you healthy and safe, I think we all agree that this crisis has changed the world. COVID-19 will impact our health, economy, communities, and culture in ways we cannot yet fully understand. This global pandemic has brought together government and industry in an extraordinary way to remove traditional barriers and clear paths to benefit patients, and we’re confident that this new way to operate, born of necessity, will make a lasting imprint on the future of patient-centered care. This raises to front and center the uniqueness of LHCC in that collectively, we represent every stop along the continuum of care. Our system-wide line of sight positions us as national leaders in reshaping this healthcare future in a world that looks very different than it did just a few months ago.

As we navigate the COVID-19 crisis together, this first newsletter is a summary of some of the most relevant information from our LHCC member companies from the last couple of weeks, and a glimpse of LHCC into the future.

Tammy York Day,
LHCC President and CEO


Anthem’s affiliated health plans waive member costs for COVID-19 testing, while supporting telehealth and 90-day maintenance medication supply


Guiding Principles on care of clinical trial patients during COVID-19 Crisis


Baptist Health implements no-visitor policy, Click here for exceptions

Take Advantage of Receiving Care Through Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer


Coronavirus Disease 2019
(COVID-19) Update


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


The Doctor Is In! Hosparus Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bethany Cox Snider


Humana waives patient cost-sharing on all treatments for the coronavirus for members. More information here.

Bruce Broussard, President & CEO
Doing our part and doing it together


Statement from Kindred Healthcare on COVID-19 Preparedness


Passport Launches Kentucky Resources Webpage to Assist Members During Coronavirus Outbreak


Signature HealthCARE and the Signature HealthCARE Inspire Foundation will be joining forces


A Message from Trilogy President & CEO Leigh Ann Barney

A Glimpse Inside LHCC

LHCC Discovery Labs

LHCC CEOs identified Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) as a priority innovation focus area for 2020, and in 2019 we launched our Discovery Lab program to accomplish two goals simultaneously for each member company: first, to catalog SDoH-related challenges as they impact their customers and employees, and second, to chart an innovation roadmap that identifies entry points for innovation and priorities for innovation metrics. Over the last six months, we’ve interviewed dozens of LHCC member company SDoH experts, from the C-suite to the ground floor. LHCC’s unique advantage of this line of sight across the continuum of care allows us to view these individual challenges and strategies collectively to identify gaps and opportunities that are addressable at the systems level. This unprecedented effort arms us to lead the national conversation and shape a healthcare system that incentivizes innovation and keeps the patient at its center.

LHCC on the Move

LHCC launches a global call for innovations in June.  Applicants are eligible for our CareTech2.0 Pitch on September 3rd.

LHCC has some exciting announcements in the coming weeks…such as a partnership that led to a West Coast organization deciding to pull up roots and move their international headquarters to our Corporate Innovation center in Louisville…..stay tuned!