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Louisville is the aging-innovation epicenter, producing $150 billion in revenue annually.

Our Advantage

Line of sight across the entire continuum of care

CEOc, CEOs collectively represent the entire continuum of care.  We use this line-of-sight advantage to tackle challenges bigger than any one member company. 

Louisville is the place to be if you want to solve healthcare problems on a national scale in a place where all stakeholders are actively engaged around the table. 



With some of the biggest and best companies focused on healthcare and an active group of CEOs looking for new aging-innovation solutions.



Louisville offers collaborative workspaces, technology infrastructure, and an entrepreneurial environment to support effective business-concept development, piloting, launching, and scaling.



Breakthrough innovation starts with customer insights. No city has a stronger mix of data, research capabilities, or access to the wealth of information about the aging demographic than Louisville. By better understanding their needs, behaviors, and priorities, we can help companies build more compelling solutions.

“Louisville has a great story to tell around our healthcare sector, particularly in the aging innovation area. We have ‘punched above our weight class’ in furthering economic development and visibility within the healthcare vertical, and it starts with the many great companies we have getting behind the effort.”

– Rick Remmers, Founding Committee Member